Monday 2 May 2016

Well folks yet another fabulous evening is on its way with our DJ's playing the most killa tunes in London that you will ever hear, all on 78's too! 
This month we have guest DJ Stomp Down Geoff as well as our hot regulars; Kid Krupa & Tim Hellzapoppin. 
This month will see Emma's birthday in full swing so if you're a regular please do put on your flowery shirt or bonnet. 
I'm not giving away her age but we have decided to call it Hawaii 5-0.
As you know Mouthful is London's hottest event for music lovers and dancers alike, people try to copy us but a pastiche is still a pastiche, we are the real deal. 
Come along and let us hit you with the hottest in Jazz, Swing, Jump, Blues and R'N'B and anything else we can tease you with.
Beginning of the night will see Gaia teaching a few steps and getting ya hot to trot from 7.30pm entry just £7 all that's value!