Thursday 18 August 2016

September Mouthful is going to be epic as we have a very special guest DJ this month. When I started going out in the 80's there was this amazing paradise of a place to dance. The music in this club was incredible, the place was packed full, hot and sweaty with an atmosphere full of excitement. I can remember the journey in the car to Camden and just couldn't wait to get there. Through the door of the pub, then through another to the back room...
It was smokey and the sounds hit you like a bat. Music I heard for the first time in the early days happened there. The club of course was ' The Fortissimo ' and the DJ at the time was of course our very own original and first 'Rohan The Man'. This guy dug out tunes that are now the very staple of the scene, this guy started it all.
Those tunes you now love and dance like mad to in the rhythm and blues ilk were brought out of obscurity by this man. To say I'm excited is an understatement.
All this said there will also be top DJ's; Tim Hellzapoppin' and Kid Krupa playing hot 78's too keep you all moving. Swing, Jazz, Jump, Rhythm & Blues as well as some nice early rock n' roll.

The beginning of the evening our fantastic guest dance instructor Cookie from Cookies Jam:

Taking you through moves new and old so you can strut like mad!

Entrance just £7 all evening.