Wednesday 10 September 2014

Beginners: 7:30PM - 8:30PM
Intermediate: 8:45PM - 9:45PM
-Wednesday    24th September
-Wednesday    1st October
-Wednesday    8th October
-Wednesday    15th October
-Wednesday    22nd October

Learn the partner dance that started them all in this intensive 5 week beginners class.
We will focus on laying strong foundations in the language of Swing Dancing.
Strengthen your style, your moves and your dance confidence.

By the end of this class you'll have a solid grasp of Lindy Hop rhythm & musicality,
connection, and a grab bag of moves that you can pull out on any dance floor.
This dance will have you smiling, sweating, and wishing for more!
Musicality and passion for the dance is my main focus in teaching.

Limited spaces! To sign-up please send me your full name and if you are a lead or a follow.
If you are bringing a partner please send 
their full name too and who will be a lead and who will be a follow.

Full course is £45 per person, £80 per couple @ The Salisbury Pub, 1 Green Lanes N4 1JX

Bellow is an outline for what we will be covering in the sessions.
Please wear comfortable clothes and preferably leather soled shoes or dress shoes with a smooth sole, high heels are great if your comfortable wearing them :-)

Week one:
- The history of Lindy Hop and other social dances
- The language of Swing dancing
- Frame between lead and follow
- Movement exercises for trust building in dance
- Basic Lindy Hop steps for lead and follow

Week two:
- Basic Lindy Hop steps review
- Frame review
- Intro to Lindy basic 

Week three:
- Basic "Lindy Turn"
- Intro to simple moves in the basic

Week four:
- Review of Lindy turn
- Review of moves
- More basic moves
- Intro into transitions

Week five:
- Transitioning moves together
- Combining all moves and basic Lindy turn
- Musicality

Intermediate Lindy Hop course

 5 week   LINDY HOP CLASS!

Please contact me if you are interested in signing up for this class.

Full course is £45 per person, £80 per couple
Wednesdays, 24th of September - 22nd of October, 8:45pm-9:45pm

Come and practice your Lindy Hop in this 5 week course, we will take you through some fantastic Lindy Hop moves to build on what you already know.. Refine your technique and style!

£45 per person, £80 per couple 
@ The Salisbury Pub, N4 1JX