Saturday, 15 May 2010


SO, here we go....
Good old Slippery P (Swing Maniac, Paul) has been working very hard to fix up a fantastic original radio gram, which will be placed in the bar area of the Salisbury for everyone to play with!!! It may not be ready for June 5th, but don't fret pet, We will have it for you soon and in the meantime keep your attention prepared for other goodies that might be lurking.

Last month the cake sale for charity that was put on by Anna and Toby went down very well (literally) and was extremely welcome addition to the night. We hope that they will come back again and provide us again with such a sweet corner.

The future is looking like a place we want to fill with all the elegant elements of the past and there are plans plans plans for Mouthful!!!!
Follow us to Bristol in August for a circus swing spectacular and maybe to outdoor bandstands across the country and maybe to festivals and events where it might get a little messy, but we are okay with that ;-)

We are looking forward to working with the succulent Angela Adore at Vintage Patisserie where the tea party is always in full swing.

And check out our Facebook for more information :-)!/group.php?gid=216061753648

See you all soon!!!

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